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Rasa Stankevičiūtė May 03, 2019

4 Benefits of a Flexible ERP for Manufacturers

Why ERP is so important for Industrial and Manufacturing Companies?

Manufacturing is a fundamental process of an efficiently functioning economy. It’s hard to deny the significance of manufacturers and their part in the marketplace. Yet, for a company to bring a positive outcome and make value, you, as a manufacturer, need to find the most suitable method to operate your enterprise. A great example of a reliable solution to automate your business is enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms.

Enterprise resource planning software helps to execute work more effectively, save spending costs, and ensure smooth information flow. This software is vital when a company is expanding, as it can automate and generate operations faster, and furthermore, avoid human error. An excellent example of a versatile ERP is Odoo system. It allows production planning and tracking, department managing, dealing with daily operations, and many more essential business processes.

In this article, we will discuss how can a flexible ERP bring more value to your manufacturing operations.

Why Manufacturers Need a Flexible ERP?

When your manufacturing business starts growing, it’s necessary to enhance it so it would keep up with increasing workload. ERP implementation is an ideal way of improving inside and outside operations. However, you have to choose the most applicable and flexible for your company. To help you make up your mind, we collected four focal benefits that ERP brings to your manufacturing enterprise.

1. Time Management

For a lucrative manufacturing business, it is essential to optimize time and execute as much as possible with low costs involved. A professional ERP provides a flow between different departments; it allows for streamlining daily processes like billing, ordering materials, signing contracts, or analyzing tasks. That saves a lot of time that can be used for improving your service.

2. Task Management 

A rapidly growing business requires constant attention to daily and occasional operations. A flexible ERP system tracks all the processes, controls inventory, and conducts a summary of completed assignments. Besides, it provides analytics gathered from different departments which helps to make relevant insights. These processes eliminate human-made error and accelerate the task flow.

3. Production Planning

As mentioned before, a professional ERP system is a universal tool for managing a business, and it is irreplaceable for different types of manufacturing. Production planning feature allows goods balance tracking and integration with third parties. Therefore, all divisions and involved stakeholders will be able to follow up with production and furthermore transportation updates. Production planning factor eliminates time wasting and miscommunication between departments.

4. ERP Reduces Costs

Reduction of expenses is one of the main goals of every enterprise. It’s is highly relevant to the manufacturing business because most of the operations involve additional costs. Manufacturing companies spend most of the financial resources on production and transportation errors, delays and long administrative processes. As ERP optimize most of the company’s tasks, it is easier to evade mistakes and execute them faster. Moreover, with a tracking feature, the system can follow and register damages, and inform responsible people.

Managing a manufacturing company can be challenging; that’s why you should always consider ways on how to optimize your business. A flexible ERP software is an effective method to move your enterprise to the next level. It can offer various features from managing the company’s finances, resources to tracking tasks and conducting analytics. Yet, to achieve the best results you have to find a flexible ERP that would be the most sufficient for your business. 

Here at Versada, we have a long experience in working with Odoo enterprise resource planning system. Therefore, we can heartily recommend Odoo as one of the major market leaders in dealing with convoluted manufacturing operations. So, choose what fits your business best and improve it.

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