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Rasa Stankevičiūtė March 12, 2019

5 Ways How Can ERP System Boost Your Business Success

Why is it vital to implement suitable ERP to accelerate business growth?

Managing a business is challenging and requires limitless resources. Luckily, we live at the age where online tools come in handy to set and administrate a successful business. As many company’s operations can get overwhelming, you as an entrepreneur should look for ways to make the whole process more manageable. One of the most transforming solutions is enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. In general terms, ERP is software that helps an enterprise to monitor business operations and automate processes.

When a company is expanding, it’s vital to implement suitable ERP and accelerate its growth. ERP has many benefits; it can manage simple daily operations as communication between co-workers and conduct more convoluted performances like generating business insights. One of the most versatile ERP is Odoo. Odoo apps are customized for different type and size enterprises and offer a wide range of features. To get a better picture of why your business should consider implementing an ERP system, we highlighted five ERP advantages.

1. Increases work efficiency

When business is growing it requires more time and effort to follow up and manage all operations. The ERP system can quickly change this: it has a feature to synchronize tasks which helps to avoid errors between processes. Also, it automates focus procedures such as leads and opportunities management, accounting, project management, HR, and other crucial parts of your business. 

2. Lowers risks of error

ERP is a universal software that conducts not only general business affairs but also follows regulations and forms. It’s essential for a prosperous company to maintain error-free procedures, yet when it comes to daily deals, it is hard to keep track of all nuances. The ERP system will do that for you; it will follow up with business concerns, predict and protect possible risks.

3. Facilitates communication between departments

As mentioned before, ERP integrates different departments within a company and allows them to share information. Moreover, it has a shared database where all authorized parties can find needed information. That helps to accelerate processes between sectors and ease communication between employees.

4. Improves customer management and support

ERP software is highly enhanced, and it can manage a wide range of different actions. ERP is customized to administer projects and serve as a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Furthermore, it follows conversion rates and sales and tracks data about customers’ activity, including calls, emails, and meetings.

5. Generates valuable business insights

Business insights are necessary if a company wants to improve. By making insights, you can spot the strong and weak sides of your enterprise and change it accordingly. ERP does that for you, it conducts business analytics and gives valuable information. Of course, to make it work, you have to use that data effectively and take it into account for the future plans. Also, you can read about Odoo Business Analytics and reports it in our previous blog post here: Odoo Business Intelligence

Next-generation enterprise resource planning software can help you to transform your company to the next level. As the enterprise expands, it is essential to adopt new tools to expedite the process. By using ERP, you can optimize core tasks and save valuable time and resources. ERP business processes secure business operations, ensure free information flow, and more accessible insights. Therefore, if you want to attain your goals, try implementing a professional ERP system. You can try Odoo for free today and test all 5 benefits we mentioned: OdooCamp.

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