UAB METALURGA has been successfully operating in the market for 10 years and gained the trust of customers. Company is specializing in the production of high-quality metal constructions. The main products of Metalurga are fences, gates, automation, also production and installation.

The company is constantly improving not only the products and services it sells, but also its internal processes and project management to provide the highest level of customer experience. For this reason, Metalurga's vision is to become the most reliable metal products leader in Lithuania.

We started working with Metalurga in March 2018 and together achieved some great results. The company is successfully using already installed and customized Odoo ERP system and continues to improve its processes.

We want to showcase that Odoo ERP is multifunctional to businesses of all sizes, we are sharing a conversation with Mantas Mikalauskas, CEO of Metalurga, and his opinion about the Odoo ERP implementation project.

  1. What were the main reasons you’ve decided to implement ERP in your company?

  2. Before ERP implementation we’ve used only Google Sheets, kept track of processes and metrics, and even here we saw the benefits. The need for a business system came out very quickly and clearly, as we could not track, see many things, and manage most processes with Google Sheets only. I knew exactly what kind of system Metalurga needed, and Odoo was the best choice after defining the needs.

  1. Why did you choose Odoo?

We chose Odoo for simple user interface, adaptability for small businesses and diverse, changing processes. Also, one of the best things is that all of your company activities can be combined into one system, all in one place, which greatly simplifies everyday work life.

  1. How did you start working with Versada? Why did you choose Versada?

  2. Versada was recommended to us by our partners. Before choosing we’ve talked with 5 other installers. It was easy to find a common language with Paulius, Versada Director and Solution Architect. His and his team's experience proved to be the strongest.

‌"Versada team gave us the best impression and seemed most reliable, experienced and knowing what they were talking about. Also, the status of Versada's official Odoo partner in Lithuania gave us confidence."
Mantas Mikalauskas CEO AT METALURGA

  1. What is/was working with Versada from the beginning?

We are satisfied with tasks done, the methodology of the project management and development and the high quality we receive. In our opinion, Versada programmers and solution architects have the highest level of experience and Odoo implementation in Lithuania.

  1. What success metrics have shown you that you had a successful project?

With the implementation of Odoo enterprise resource planning system, we’ve noticed many positive changes already.

  1. We have determined clear pricing for our products and services, increased corporate profitability.
  2. Warehouse order has prevailed, situations where shortage of goods is significantly reduced and ordering speed of goods increased.
  3. Improved communication has led to a reduction in error rates in company. Problems are resolved faster and we noticed less problems in all activities overall.
  4. Employees have become much more self-reliant, more relaxed, and stress levels have dropped. Communication is now happening in Odoo ERP, employees can follow the stages of their projects, see information and works that have been done yesterday or needs to be done tomorrow.

"For me, as company owner, it is very important to see what are strengths and weaknesses at the moment, which areas are the most profitable and performing." - Mantas Mikalauskas, CEO at METALURGA

It is way easier to follow financial ratios, evaluate and see in what condition the company is in. I am looking forward to using Odoo ERP full potential. I believe we will notice some really good indicators in the near future. 

Overview of the project.

UAB METALURGA contacted us regarding process optimization and transfer of daily work to a single, centralized Odoo ERP system. In order to meet the expectations of the company and especially to adapt the individual project management method used by the company, a lot of programming work was done. Together, we managed to find the best solutions for how unique processes could be best represented in Odoo. Some works that have been implemented to Metalurga:

  • Integration with PrestaShop has been completed, allowing them to integrate their software with Odoo ERP. By combining these two softwares, the company has saved additional costs and can conveniently use both ERP and e-commerce platforms, track inventory levels, export products, sales information to Odoo ERP and see relevant statistics.

  • According to the expressed need, we have created a configurator that allowed to combine parts and products. It has been designed with a lot of different details and attributes to simplify the ordering process for suppliers and future customers.

Metalurga has been running many different projects at the same time and wanted to solve problems in the execution process. The project management application has been modified according to their individual needs:  

  • Ability to track the amount of time it takes to complete a task at a certain stage of the project implementation;
  • Tasks are linked to the portal so that suppliers have the ability to see the information and changing stages;
  • Each task has an opportunity for detailed planning; 
  • Improved tracking of tasks and phases, enabling better distribution among staff.

It is a pleasure to work with motivated Metalurga team. We hope that their success story can show that positive change can happen in even small organizations who want to digitize their processes. This is especially important in manufacturing and engineering sector where Metalurga is operating in.

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