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Viking 1914 is a Danish office supplies manufacturer, based in Denmark. Company’s mission is to work every day to find, develop and deliver tools that will bring you forward. In their wide range of products and services everyone can find office, drawing and artist articles, stationery, writing utensils and graphic materials of the highest quality from Viking.

Our collaboration with Viking 1914 + Creas A / S started in 2014 and is present until now. Versada team is happy to help this Danish client with process optimization and Odoo ERP implementation.

What was the reason that made them choose Odoo ERP?

Viking 1914 + Creas A / S own a very wide range e-commerce shop with thousands of different products and variations. It quickly became clear that the old system is too inflexible and bulky for modern e-commerce company. Every kind of change was enormously lavish and therefore very time- and cost-intensive. In addition, the adjustments could not be carried out by themselves and one needed external help from the manufacturer.

What was the process of ERP implementation?

Therefore, the main requirements at the beginning of the project were very clear: Viking 1914 needs a flexible Odoo ERP system, which works as cost-effective as possible. In order to get to know the needs of the customer, the first phase of the project was characterized by intensive discussions and a detailed analysis of the business processes. Finding out which information is processed was one of the most important tasks.

Due to her extensive knowledge of the processing of the accounting process data, the chief accountant was very much involved in the registration process. In accordance with the requirements, we developed initial solutions, which were tested by the customer's employees in the next step. After three workshops we established a final solution hand in hand with the customer.

After commissioning, the data was transferred from the old to the new system, which also was the biggest challenge of this project. The feedback of the Customer was very crucial for the implementation and training of the employees for the Odoo ERP system of Viking 1914 which is very successful today. Our Odoo developers have created an efficient business management system for the e-commerce sector leading company - Vikings A/S.

What is interesting about this project?

This project differs from others not only because of the complexity and scope of the assignment, but also because of the client’s approach. Viking 1914 is a client that is flexible and open to new ideas. We get to meet customers who contact us with a ready-made solution, which they want us to implement, as opposed to a query. In just one case out of ten, it is the best solution. Quite often it is the other way around.

“A desire shared by both parties to listen to and accept reasons for each other is very important to us. We highly value this kind of client.” - Andrius Preimantas, Solution Architect at VERSADA

It is a preconception that actually prevents one from enjoying full potential of cooperation. Viking 1914 did not have any preconceptions; they asked questions and allowed us to offer the best solutions. We would talk to each other, discuss things and make decisions on what was important to a business management system and what as a mere fancy with no function whatsoever, yet inflating project costs.

Top services provided:

  • Courier software integration with Odoo;
  • Bank statement and imports with Odoo;
  • Full accounting, warehouse systems' development;
  • Full e-shop development (a wide range of different products and variations);  
  • Google Data Studio implementation with Odoo;
  • Odoo Business Intelligence;
  • Shop tablets and printers integrations with Odoo for sales (POS system);
  • A lot of more customization (contact us for your own case).

“Firstly, I would like to highlight the professional approach and extraordinary competence in the field held by the Versada team. Not only did their organisational skills and efficient time management facilitated and systemised the entire working process of ours, but also saved us expenses.

We are greatly satisfied with results of the work they did. Further communications and responses to our inquiries are also pleasing; and the professionals are communicative and well-organised. It is important to mention that communication occurred smoothly in English.

Personally, I would like to highlight the fact that over the course of the entire project quite often they showed initiative and went an extra mile so that the final result would exceed our, the customer's, expectations.

Having updated the old business management system, we have achieved impressive results in many areas of our work processes. We are very pleased with the Odoo system – everything works faster, is more convenient and, most importantly, fully meets our needs. We do not even remember our old business management system. Currently we are considering what else could be done to improve our working processes. We are certain that Versada team will be able to cope with even the most complex challenge of ours.” 
Jens V. M. Thomsen CEO AT VIKING 1914

Viking 1914 + Creas A/S is leading company in Danish market. Not only have they digitized all their processes with the help of Odoo ERP , but also have taken them to a new level. This is an example of a company that responds to changing market trends and adapts its internal tools. We hope that this success story will be one example of Odoo's choice of top level companies.

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