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Since 2010 Versada has been working on highly professional Odoo solutions. Odoo is a collection of open source business apps that cover all business needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc. All of these essential modules are referred as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programming. Odoo ERP was founded in 2005. Today, Odoo is one of the most used open source ERP solutions on the market.

Odoo Development

Odoo offers with over 14,000 modules almost unlimited possibilities. There is probably no workflow which the framework can not map. Otherwise, our developers tailor their own Odoo apps for you. Either way, in the end you will benefit from an individual result from which you will profit holistically during your daily work. Of course, you stay flexible. Your requirements change? You want to integrate new sub-processes into your daily business? No problem. We carry out the necessary adjustments as you wish - fast, reliable and cost-effective.

Odoo Integration

Like many systems, Odoo ERP is compatible with third-party software. Properly implemented, the functional bandwidth can be effectively extended. Connecting Odoo to other systems is a wise investment that can solve specific problems. However, integration is not always easy, as the specifications of various providers are often very different. Our service does not end with the Odoo Programming because: we also want to support you in the integration of external applications. Our specialized Odoo developers have a lot of experience in this field. So look forward to a solution which fits technically and functionally like a fist on the eye.

Odoo Customization

Are you already working with Odoo CRM, but you are dissatisfied with the current solution? Of course we can polish up your system on request. Why program something completely new if the base already exists? Often it is sufficient to optimize small things to significantly improve the efficiency of your processes. This does not only save you money but also gives you the opportunity to grow with your system. We are happy to take time to identify your bottlenecks and vulnerabilities. We will analyze your workflow together and then improve the productivity of your teams with technically appealing approaches.

Odoo Consulting

In addition to Odoo Development, Odoo Implementation and Odoo Hosting, consulting is a central pillar of our success. Our goal is not only to deliver technical solutions, but also train our customers in problem solving. Because only if there is a holistic understanding of the dependence of processes and functionalities, there is a chance for progression. We have dedicated ourselves to individual solutions that work regardless of industry or company size. Whether systems need to be redeveloped or only adapted depends on the individual case. In both cases, we will provide our many years of know-how to you. Use the full potential of Odoo ERP – we show you how!

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